Everyone is acting like an idiot

Malcolm Durfee O'Brien, editor-in-chief

Politics is like a car crash at this point. It’s such an absolute nightmare that you have no choice but to stare. Now, impeachment is going to happen and, quite honestly, it proves one thing to me: every single person in the Trump Administration is either an idiot or has been stupefied by mere proximity to the president.

We have seen genuinely intelligent and productive patriotic people like Ben Carson and Nikki Haley be turned into mindless mouthpieces for the President. When the person to whom they have become obedient servants to does something inherently antithetical to their beliefs, the most they can muster is a tweet with an eyerolling emoji or, more commonly, nothing but deflect towards irrelevant praise.

Do not even get me started on the President. I would not call him unintelligent, just not at all competent when it comes to his office or the politics of governing the nation. All he cares about is angering his opponents and convincing his base that he is as infallible as God, which evangelicals sure love to eat up. After the midterm drubbing for Republicans, did he shift to a more moderate lane? A lane which saved Bill Clinton in 1996 and Barack Obama in 2012? No. Instead he got on an ATV and tried to murder his opponents with wildly divisive and racist language. Really, this guy’s just a jerk who thinks angering others is equivalent to winning a debate.

Who else can I complain about? Mitch McConnell. While he doesn’t technically work in the Trump Administration, he is a good target. The man is an absolutely heartless monster who is bad in all the ways Trump isn’t. But, he’s so easy. Everyone knows how awful McConnell is. Should I go after the President’s children? No, that would be too mean and unfair even for me, and saying Donald Trump Jr. is corrupt is as obvious as saying the sky is blue.

Well, I have made myself clear now. Thank you for listening to me rant about how politically and governmentally incompetent the Trump Administration.