Elizabeth Warren for President


Sedona Cheloha

Elizabeth Warren is the next Franklin Roosevelt, she is the President we deserve.

Malcolm Durfee O'Brien, editor-in-chief

Elizabeth Warren is unquestionably the strongest candidate for President and the only one who could feasibly jam through vitally important reforms to the United States.

Franklin Roosevelt is unquestionably the most influential president in history. He reshaped the way the United States economy runs, what the public expects from government, who needs protections and what actions need to be taken to promote immigration and international understanding. He rose to power in the wake of abuse and exploitation by corporations and ignorance in the face of struggle from the government. He saved the nation from its own excesses.

Today, the same problems that led to Roosevelt’s rise are coursing through the nation, with a President using his office to enrich himself and his rich friends, corporations bending to the will of authoritarians and fighting to dangerously deregulate themselves. Warren is the only one with a cohesive plan to fight all of these issues and then some. With her plans to reform the tax code, change the structure of the court system to fight corruption on the bench while not sacrificing their independence and her plan to fix the healthcare and lobbying systems that promote profiteering over helping the general public, she will change the fundamental fabric of America. For the better.

Plus, unlike Roosevelt and virtually all her Democratic opponents, specifically Bernie Sanders, her plans would actually pay for themselves. Her wealth tax, a 2 percent tax on the income of people making over $50 million, would pay for massive new education funding to improve access to college and high-quality public schools. The sharp drop in premiums which will come from her healthcare plan would create new revenue to tax and raise new funds for her other sweeping shifts in America’s systems.

On top of this, she’s just a delightful person. She is genuinely a kind person, standing to take pictures with her supporters after rallies, talking to supporters on the phone and being extremely transparent to reporters. Her background as a middle-class woman who pulled herself out of southern economic insecurity to become the leading expert on consumer financial protection law and one of the most respected professors at Harvard. For these reasons, Warren is the most electable candidate. Her understanding of political realities and her down-to-earth personality could win over even the most hesitant moderates to the Democratic side and her proposals, which would wildly energize the liberal base, would ensure wide margins across blue states.

Warren’s work in creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows she has the chops to push through and implement the plans she has laid out. Because of her work in this area, billions of dollars have been returned to consumers who were scammed or exploited by corporate entities. She is also shrewd and effective, making alliances with Republicans like John McCain when she was elected to the Senate to work on bills like a modern Glass-Steagall act to regulate banking and restrict the ability of banks to abuse consumers.

Her time as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Board during the recession also shows that she will not be a partisan hack like the current occupant of the White House. She held the Obama economic team to the fire for failing to support and help families whose homes had been foreclosed on, grilling Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner for bailing out banks instead of bailing out the average American worker. She calls out anyone who is abusing the system and will make sure that such politicians and leaders who would ignore the needs of the general public are punished for their ignorance.

Warren’s plans have reflected this commitment to the average American and alleviating economic concerns for the average American. Her plans would protect American workers from the abuses of China and other dangerous authoritarian nations through smarter trade practices, replacing the imbecilic policy of Donald Trump, which has heavily taxed American farmers and put the average worker in greater economic peril.

The plans Warren has laid out would also help fix America’s standing in the world, with the abolishment of donor-ambassadors who only receive their positions by bribing the campaigns of presidents and would establish a more pragmatic policy in regards to interfering in foreign affairs, as opposed to the current President’s plans of mindlessly withdrawing from everything. By regaining America’s footing on the global stage, Warren will put the country back in a leadership role and put it in a position to tackle the most pressing issue facing the planet: climate change. Warren will rejoin and expand the Paris Climate Accords to save us from catastrophic flooding and deadly weather events, as well as coordinating with our bordering allies to make sure we cut our waste.

Elizabeth Warren is the candidate we deserve. Her reforms will return control of America to the people, her style is genuine and virtually unbeatable, and her experience is well near unparalleled. Warren for President.