Why shrooms shouldn’t be legal

February 18, 2020

Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms, are a drug with hallucinogenic effects. Denver, Colorado is currently voting to decriminalize usage and possession of shrooms. The vote is also being pushed on the 2020 ballot in Oregon and California. By decriminalizing magic mushrooms, criminal penalties towards the drug will be minimalized. If the vote is passed, it may increase chances of full legalization of shrooms, which can be a bad thing.
Magic mushrooms can be used with the intent to calm, but the effects are not always calming. It has been said to improve many mental illnesses and stresses, but this doesn’t get rid of its side effects. While on the drug, a person may see things that aren’t there, which in many situations can become very dangerous. If a person isn’t fully aware of their surroundings, who knows what could happen. The drug is also said to give a sense of relief after some time. It has been reported before that while on the drug, people can become super anxious and experience panic attack that can range from a few minutes to a few hours. Shrooms also distort time making it appear slower to the person’s mind. If people aren’t aware of their surroundings, they become unsafe for themselves and others.
Mushrooms are often compared to marijuana when they are actually two very different things. Marijuana is a natural drug that relaxes a person while they are still in full control of their actions and their bodies. It is also proven that marijuana is helping multiple physical and mental health issues, whereas mushrooms haven’t been proven to be as effective. In my opinion, medical marijuana is a very positive thing that is helping lots of people because it is safe and has minimal side effects. For example, you need 40,000 times the amount normally taken to overdoes on marijuana, and even then, the chances are still low. On the other hand, taking too much or using a strong batch of mushrooms could be fatal, and the chances of this happening are much higher.
Most of the individuals that believe shrooms should be legalized have openly stated their goal is to legalize all drugs for recreational use. An example is director of economical studies at Harvard, Jeffry Miron. In an interview with The Daily, Miron said, “Personally, I think it would be a great thing if this was another domino and all drugs were legalized.” After mushrooms are legalized, Denver will continue to push the limits and legalize more dangerous things.
Legalizing magic mushrooms would be dangerous and set Denver up for even more deadly risks. Allowing people to legally rid themselves of self-control for an out of body experience is not worth it. Marijuana is just as effective, if not more effective, and provides a safe and natural way for people to relax. By legalizing shrooms, Denver is just getting closer and closer to more and more dangerous substances. Once they’re legalized in Denver, what’s stopping them from legalizing Shrooms and other drugs all over America?

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