Student lot needs changes

Sophia Sgourakis, Staff Writer

If you are a student at Omaha Central, there is no doubt that you have heard about or experienced the horrible parking available for students. As for parents, there is a very high chance you have also heard about it via your child’s complaints. The biggest complaint is most likely stemmed from the junior lot.
The junior lot is located on 20th and Cass. Therefore, there is about a 5-10-minute walk up to the school. This may not seem like that much of a drag, however, this walk is strictly at an incline. At least all the juniors are getting a leg work out every day, but in the winter, you can’t even feel your legs on the walk up. Winds are blowing directly in students’ faces. I can vouge for everyone that the cold winds have literally taken my breath away while I’m climbing two flights of stairs.
The long, uphill walk is not the only problem with the junior lot. The lack of care that the junior lot receives really shows. Little to no spots have yellow lines that are still visible. Right when you enter the lot, potholes are instantly recognized. Literal chunks of cement are all over the lot. It has become hard to avoid potholes because they are frequently present.
Because incoming classes at Central are getting bigger every year, the junior lot becomes fuller every year as well. Although it is referred to as the “junior lot,” it also serves as parking grounds for sophomores. This year, I have noticed that makeshift rows for parking have been made due to the lack of parking spots. Not only is this ridiculous, but also an easy way for a car to get hit.
With all these problems, I think there are a few solutions that can be proposed. One of which is charging students a fee at the beginning of the year in order to get a junior lot parking pass. Thus, there would be enough money in order to keep the lot in good and safe conditions throughout the year. The money could also be spent towards paying for a different lot. Not too far behind the senior lot is a couple abandoned buildings that would be suitable space for a new junior lot.
At Central, I feel as if there are several important issues that need to be discussed, but they are always the ones that go unnoticed. My last thought is: if millions of dollars are being spent on a library and arts addition, isn’t there enough money left to improve the junior lot parking which affects a majority of the student body?