Pesticides in dab pens

November 14, 2019

Teenagers today have found an easier, more cost-efficient and sneakier way of getting a daily high. This device has little to no smell and requires minimal effort. This new phenomenon is the dab pen. 

Dab pens have three benefits in comparison to natural marijuana: parents rarely find them; they are virtually odorless, easy to hide and not difficult to obtain; and they are supposedly entirely safe compared to marijuana, which may be laced, right? 

Wrong. While marijuana is sometimes laced with hard drugs such as LSD, cocaine and heroin, it is rarely fatal. Dab pens have created a whole new empire of epidemics.  

At least 380 cases of fatal illnesses in the United States alone due to dab pen use have been reported, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those 380 cases, the majority died within weeks of being admitted. Symptoms included violent coughing, inability to breathe, loss of sight, hearing and touch along with vomiting, diarrhea, and memory loss. 

This all ties back to the dangerous, fake carts being sold in states where THC products are illegal and difficult to receive. To get easy money, dealers produce fake carts that mimic the regulated THC carts sold in states where marijuana is legal.  

These carts consist of hydrogen cyanide, vitamin E oil, pesticides and poisonous synthetics. All of these toxins break down the makeup of the smoker’s internal organs. Some act faster than others.  

Hydrogen cyanide, if left in body, will kill a human within 8 hours if being inhaled. It breaks down the brain, while simultaneously destroying the organs from the inside out. Vitamin E oil, while healthy for the skin and hair, will eventually cause cancer and other lung diseases if inhaled. 

Pesticides and other synthetics will do great damage immediately including possibly fatal damage. If the smoker is not killed initially, they will most likely get cancer later in life from the lifelong effects of inhalation of pesticides. 

Dab pens, especially in Nebraska where THC is illegal, are most likely fake. While the high is easy to get and easy to hide, it is easier to stop altogether. 



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