Staff members’ favorite high school movies

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Everyone has a specific movie that they could watch over and over and never get bored. Movies also have the power to bring back memories of a certain time in one’s life. Here is a list of some Central staff members’ favorite movies to watch when they were in high school.
Mrs. Omar
Omar, English teacher, recalled her favorite movie from her senior year of high school was “Love and Basketball”. This movie is about the love story of a boy, Quincy, and a girl, Monica, growing up together. Both had the dream of playing in the NBA since elementary school. The two must compromise their love to play basketball but will not quit to be together. Omar connected with the movie because in high school she wanted to be good at basketball and fall in love with the boy-next-door.
Dr. Bennett
“Hoosiers,” a movie about an underdog basketball team that makes it to the state championship, is principal Dr. Bennett’s favorite movie from his high school experience. The movie depicts a small-town basketball team that faces many challenges and must work to rise above the odds. “It’s about basketball, education, personal redemption, impossible dreams coming true and the amazing importance of a high school to a small town’s identity,” Bennett said.
Mr. Calder
Calder, math teacher, remembers one of many movies he was fond of in high school was “Tremors.” The movie is again about a small town, but this town is being taken out one by one by mysterious creatures. The main characters, Val and Earl, try to save their town by killing these creatures. The people of the town have no escape from the monster but will do anything to survive. Calder states that he very much enjoyed this funny monster movie as he and his father watched “Tremors” a lot together.
Mr. Mickeliunas
Mickeliunas, history teacher, has two significant movies that stand out from his time in high school: “Better off Dead” and “The Goonies.” “Better off Dead” illustrates the story of a lost romantic teenager that wants to impress his crush, but also might have feelings for someone else. “The Goonies” is a movie about a group of young boys that embark on a dangerous adventure in order to save their town. “I actually visited the Goonies house in Astoria, Oregon, and saw several of the other sites from the film,” Mickeliunas said.