Pros and cons of online workout videos

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Today, a very popular way to work out is through online videos. Doing so is very convenient due to the access to smartphones meaning people can work out anytime and anywhere.
YouTube is home to most of these free videos, which are uploaded by fitness trainers and work out fanatics. There are numerous channels dedicated to posting solely work out videos. This allows people to create a connection with a trainer, even though they are working out alone.
Another positive aspect to work out videos is the comfort of working out without being judged. Many people say working out at the gym is too intimidating. Working out alone makes working out a much more pleasurable experience.
A typical pain of working out in the gym is the expense. Some gym memberships are not worth the money when it comes to the amount of time the average busy person has. Videos are free to watch and do not have to be completed in a gym.
Although workout videos are very helpful, they also carry some downsides. Without being with someone in person, it can make one less motivated to work out to their full potential. Working out with a trainer allows one to have feedback in real time and get pushed harder.
For example, if one is following a workout video and they are not executing the move correctly, there is no one to help them, and they continue to work their muscles incorrectly. It is much harder to ignore a person that is telling you something in person rather than through a screen.
Another aspect that is only available in a gym setting includes being in a social workout environment. Some are more motivated and encouraged when they work out with friends or in a bigger group of people.
Overall, utilizing online videos to work out is very practical and can be successful if the right amount of work is put in along with self-motivation. It is a much cheaper and timesaving alternative but could prove difficult in certain circumstances.