November 30, 2019

On Nov. 12, Disney released a new app called Disney+ allowing viewers to stream all Disney shows and movies. It includes content from Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television as well as content like Star Wars, the Disney princesses and Pixar. The app will be available in Canada, the Netherlands, the United States, Australia, Germany, France and Italy.   

Disney+ is predicted to be the top competitor of Netflix. While it doesn’t have as many shows, it will include a lot of high-profile exclusive content. For instance, Disney has obtained streaming rights for the Star Wars series and has reported that all will be available on Disney+. It will cost $6.99 a month, or $70 a year, with only banner ads. Disney claims that the banner ads were the only way that Starz would agree to allow Disney to stream Star Wars. The app will only allow seven user profiles per account and four streaming profiles at once. Unlike Netflix, Disney+ will provide unlimited downloading of everything offered on the app.   

Another factor of Disney+ is that Disney owns Hulu, so Disney+ will be available as a Hulu add-on. While it may cost more, it allows the buyer to keep all their shows in one place.   

A lot of unscripted comedy is being produced by the Jim Henson Company to create original shows and movies only available on Disney+.  A few days before Halloween, Disney announced that they are creating a sequel for the movie Hocus Pocus. All their originals and new films still in the works will all be on Disney+.   

New movies, after spending time in the theaters, like Frozen 2, Toy Story 4 and the live action remake of the Lion King, will update onto the app.   

The app overall is predicted to have 13 million subscribers by the end of the year 2020, and 50 million subscribers across all their online services including Disney+, Hulu and ESPN. Some say that Disney could eventually have over 130 million subscribers. 

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