Winter workout tips

November 30, 2019

As the year comes to a close, the days are starting to become colder, and if you want to stay in shape, there are efficient ways to work out during this season. Since you must work hard in the cold, you release more endorphins, which is not only beneficial to your physical state, but also your mental state. Here are a few tips to staying productive and fit during the winter season: 


  1. Always wear warm clothes, making sure to cover your hands, ears and nose.  
  1. Warm your body up before entering the cold and take breaks to run in place and keep your body temperature up.  
  1. Avoid open roads and lakes because there can be wind and snow flurries. 
  1. You can’t see the sweat loss, but it’s still happening, so make sure to stay hydrated. 
  1. Workout midafternoon for the warmest time of day. 

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