How to become an actor

December 5, 2019

The right to selfexpression is very important; some just need to find ways to use it best. A lot of people use the art of theater as their method to express thoughts, feelings or just to share stories with others.  

So, if you are thinking about getting into acting, here is the first steps to follow. 

First things first, let people know. Tell your family and friends that you are really interested in it.  

Start seeing shows. Every show. Go to community theater shows, high school shows and touring productions. See everything you can. Get an idea as to what type of theater you are interested in. 

Check out some books on acting techniques. Read up on how theater works. Learn the terms. Also, read some plays. Think about how you would portray the characters.  

Then, look into some theaters. See if they offer acting classes or workshops. If they do, take some. Go to an acting class once a week. Try to take a beginner level class that will help you find monologues and start your resume.  

You might start acting and realize that you like the technical aspect more. If so, pursue that. Email some theaters and ask if you could shadow the stage manager or work as a PA. 

Start auditioning for productions. Even if you think you have no chance at getting in, go for it! It is always good to meet directors and get your name out there. You could also have the chance to meet other actors and get their advice on how to start getting into your community’s theater.  

Get on email lists or follow theaters on social media. Figure out if there is a company in your area that keeps a schedule of local auditions.  

Try for small gigs at first. Be a part of readings of shows to get experience that isn’t very high stakes. It will also help you to meet directors and playwrights and even actors.  

Be polite to everyone everywhere you audition. Sometimes you may not be remembered for being the greatest, but by simply being helpful and cooperating. Directors want to cast actors who are easy to work with, so be that. 

Don’t be discouraged about being the newbie. You are starting now and that’s what matters. You won’t have the longest resume or the most experience, but that’s not what matters. Theater is, or should be, about talent, passion and effort. 

Understand that rejection is the biggest part of the job. THE BIGGEST. You will never stop experiencing rejection. It shouldn’t be embarrassing, either. It’s embarrassing when you can’t take it constructively. 

Don’t stop auditioning. Don’t stop seeing shows. Don’t stop taking classes.  

Take every opportunity to find where you fit in and what you like to do 

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