Grace Weberg feature

December 5, 2019

As swimming season is beginning, some student athletes are preparing themselves for the coming winter. Among them is Grace Weberg, a sophomore who made varsity last year. 

Weberg has been swimming for about five or six years now.  

“My brother was a swimmer, so I just kind of started swimming along with him, and then from there, just got better,” she said. 

During her swim career, Weberg has swam for three teams: club, Norris Middle School and Central. She still swims for her club team before and after Central’s season.  

Even though Weberg has been swimming for a while now, the sport itself isn’t the thing she loves most. 

 “I enjoy the people more,” she explained, “the people make it fun.” 

Because of swimming, Weberg has made many friends due to how much time is put into the sport. 

“I’ve met my best friend from swimming,” she said. 

However, it’s hard to keep up with friends outside of swim.  

“It can be stressful trying to have a social life outside of school and swimming,” she said. Swim meets can make it difficult because they’re usually on the weekends, taking away time to hang out with friends. 

There are some positives to swimming.  

“It keeps you in shape,” the sophomore said. Swim team has practice every day after school from 4:45 p.m. to 7 p.m., along with swim meets on weekends. 

Unfortunately, this constant regimen can take a toll, mentally and physically.  

“Sometimes it can be really hard on you, especially if you’re not swimming really well,” she said. “You’re like ‘Wow, this is really hard on my brain, it’s hard on my body. I’m not enjoying this.’”  

Still, Weberg tries to put a positive spin on it.  

“You have to think about those times that you are improving, and you’re with your friends. You just kind of have to bear with it,” she said. 

This perseverance was noticed by Weberg’s coaches last year.  

“I went to all of the practices, and they saw that I was working hard,” she said. For this reason, Weberg got to go to state. 

At state last year, she didn’t get to swim, but this year she’s working to get there.  

“It’s always a goal,” she said. 

Overall, Weberg is excited for the season ahead.  

“Swimming is a ton of fun and when you surround yourself with friends that also love the sport, then it makes it so much more fun,” she said. 

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