The cost of veganism

December 6, 2019

One of the biggest myths about the vegan diet that has been sweeping the nation is that it is far more expensive than an omnivorous diet. While there is some truth to that statement, it does not have to be that way. 

Some people who go vegan find that they are suddenly spending double the amount of money on food as they used to. This is because they are making the same meals as they would before. Veganism really is a lifestyle and not a diet. If one is eating the same food as before, just now without animal products, they are going to blow all their money fast. Fake meat and dairy products cost much more than real meat and dairy foods. They have less demand, fewer government subsidies and smaller scale production. They are simply not being mass produced.  

Fruit and vegetables are also slightly more expensive than nonvegan snack foods. Organic foods like these need to be kept fresh and are significantly more costly to transport.  

But just because those products cost a lot doesn’t mean they cannot be avoided. Once one realizes that they can be making new vegan meals without any meat or dairy replacer, the cost will drop.  

Foods like nuts, beans, legumes, seeds, rice, tofu, whole grain breads and even frozen or bulk fruits and vegetables are healthy and affordable. These foods are also easy to cook with and taste good. There are many recipes that include just these ingredients. One should just stay away from processed soy versions of nonvegan meals. 

Taking vitamins or supplements can also help with the lack of protein or dairy. Most vegans need to take B12 or calcium, not because they cannot get them while on this diet, but it is much cheaper in supplement form  

If one struggles with staying away from the processed junk food, there are still many vegan adaptations of those. They may cost more, but they are certainly available 

Another cost struggle of the diet is eating in restaurants. The only vegan foods on the menu could be very small portions, like side salads, and one may have to buy multiple portions to feel full. If parts must be taken out of a meal, for example getting chicken salad without the chicken, it will still cost as much as the whole meal would.   

But, cooking food oneself is a cheap vegan alternative. If one prepares their own food, it is much easier to make meals vegan that will not leave you hungry, and they will cost much less. 

The vegan diet is surely hard, but it can easily be pursued in a way that is healthy and will not drain one’s bank account. 

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