December 6, 2019

High school can be a stressful time with homework, home life, friends, sleep and more. I feel like I am in a constant state of stress during the school year, but I never thought about the effects stress can have on the body.  

Stress can cause headaches, heartburn, insomnia, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, stomachaches and tense muscles. Stress has also been proven to increase chances of depression, cause rapid breathing, weaken the immune system and cause higher risk of heart attack in the future. The question is what can people do to lower stress levels? 

  • Take a break when doing a lot of homework. This does not mean sit and be on your phone, it means get up and walk around, get your blood flowing.  
  • Simply breath; take a few deep breaths to reconnect with yourself.  
  • Pace yourself and know your limits. Don’t give yourself too much to do in one night.  
  • Read a book that you want to read, not one assigned to you. This keeps your mind focused on one thing.  
  • Get a change of scenery. Don’t do all your homework in the same place.  
  • Spend time with a pet if you have one. Petting an animal can lower stress levels 
  • Talk to a friend. When stressed, it is good to have a laugh.  
  • Ask for help if needed. You don’t need to do everything on your own.  
  • Meditate. If you have access to YouTube, you can watch videos on ways to meditate.  
  • Sleep. Sleep is needed; pulling an allnighter is not worth it.  
  • Yoga is a great way to get blood flowing. Not all people will have time to do full out yoga, but taking a small break from stress would be helpful.  

These are a few helpful ways to lower stress. I have not done most of these, but I am willing to try. Mental health is important and can affect physical health. High school can be a lot to deal with and it is important to take a few minutes a day to focus on yourself.  

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