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December 6, 2019

Winter is near, meaning it’s not uncommon to want to stay home due to the conditions outside. With the snow and cold, finding fun things to do can be hard, however, there are several fun activities to make winter more enjoyable and memorable. These activities can be at home or away, and either outdoors or indoors. Some cost money and some don’t, and some can be done alone and others with people. No matter what is chosen, these activities can have an impact on the winter.  

  • Make cookies. This is an activity that can be shared or done alone. Either way, it keeps people warm and having a good time.  
  • Watch festive movies. Winter is cold, so cuddling up and watching a movie can be a fun and relaxing night.  
  • Make a gingerbread house. If cookies are too easy, a gingerbread house can be the next level of baking fun.  
  • Take a bath. A bath is a nice way to keep warm and relax.  
  • Clean. Cleaning keeps people moving and can be productive.  
  • Board games. Either at home or at Speilbound, board games can be a fun time to talk to friends or family and can be a great way to make memories.  
  • Go ice skating. This activity can be done inside (Motto McLean Ice Arena) or outdoors (UNMC Ice Rink). 
  • Gingerbread house display.  
  • Go to museums: the Joslyn Art Museum, The Durham, Union Pacific Railroad Museum, ChildrenMuseum and more.  
  • Drive or walk around and look at the holiday lights. Some people in Omaha really get into the holiday spirit and decorate their houses with lights and blowups.  
  • Go sledding. There is no age limit on sledding; it is a great way to have fun in the snow.  
  • Go bowling. A fun indoor activity to share with friends and family.  
  • Read a book by a fire or with a blanket. 

There are many more ways to spend winter days and nights. No matter if the activity is alone or with others, it can be a great way to get through this winter. Stay warm and safe! 

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