Starting Wages at Common Teenage Jobs

December 12, 2019

Starting a new job can be an exciting time for teenagers, especially if it is their first job. Having the opportunity to make hard-earned money benefits them and allows them to use their income at their own will. For many, getting a job can be a first step towards independence.  

In Nebraska the current minimum wage is $9.00/hour. For a 40-hour week, that adds up to $360 per week, and an annual income of $18,720 per year. However, most teens don’t have to worry about working full-time while being a high school student. But that does not mean that some teens make more money than others.  

At some places, the starting wage is minimum wage. Some of these places include HyVee and Scooters. Other places have a starting wage higher than minimum wage. For example, Walmart has a starting wage of $11/hour, and Target has one of $13/hour. Costco has a starting wage of $15/hour; however, an employee must 18 years old and have graduated from high school, or completely done with all school activities, in order to apply.  

Although public schools like Central do not have a tuition, there are many expenses come with being in high school, such as driving, college applications, and extracurricular activities. Not only is getting a job beneficial for paying these expenses, but it is also a great way to help build important experiences and life skills that will give momentum for the career and work fields after high school. Putting all of these into perspective, wage does not matter.  

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