Central adds new poetry class, hopes to recruit for poetry slam

December 13, 2019

The 2019-2020 school year has brought a many new classes to Central this year including a new Poetry class. Mrs. Michelle Sueck is the teacher of this class along with the coach of the Louder Than a Bomb Slam Poetry club. The class meets every other day during sixth period.  

The main goal of the class is to teach students to appreciate poetry, gain confidence in public speaking, and attempt to recruit students to join the Louder Than a Bomb Slam Poetry club. Normally, the class will watch a video about the topic they are currently learning about, discuss poetry and poets that exemplify that topic, and have a quiet reflection time at the end of the period.  

Although the Slam Poetry Club has existed for many years at Central, the class is new to the school. The class was originally created to coincide with the club so more people would have the opportunity to join Louder Than a Bomb. 

 Sueck said, “We kept running into the same problem: people were interested in joining poetry club, but they had other activities like sports or theater that required a lot of their time.  Now students have the opportunity to participate in more groups, and that is always a good thing.” 

So far, students have had the opportunity to write poetry about their lives and factors that are interesting to them. The class has been extremely open to writing about new and personal topics, that they normally would not have the opportunity to share.  

“Our class is an incredibly safe place.  The students have already opened up and shared details about themselves that they would never have the chance to share in another class.  In poetry, I have seen some of the coolest moments I’ve ever had the privilege to witness in my entire 13 years of teaching and it’s only September,” said Sueck 

Sueck hopes that more people will join the class and the Louder Than a Bomb Slam Poetry team this year and next year. The club is always looking for new members and offers a place for anyone to write poetry about topics that are meaningful for them. Meetings are in room 211 every Wednesday until 4:15.  

We want to spread the appreciation of poetry and cultivate confidence in public speaking. If people do not join for this reason, then join simply to make friends.  They are an incredibly open and friendly group of young people who will give anyone and everyone their undivided attention,” said Sueck 

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