Top five clubs to join

December 13, 2019

High school is mostly known for the classes that are taken, the friends that are made, and the extracurricular events that a person can join. Taking classes is required for any high school student to take and once in these classes making friends can become a lot easier. However, when looking at the overwhelming number of extracurricular activities and competitions offered at Central, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of options. There are many club options for any time of interest, and becoming involved is extremely easy, even if at first overwhelming. Here are five clubs that any person can look at joining for the 2019-2020 school year.  

  1. Ghost Hunters Club 

Ghost Hunters Club is a club based around looking for ghosts at Central High School. Being that the building of Central is extremely old, and the location that the school is built on is older, the idea that the halls may be haunted by ghosts is popular. Ghost Hunters club works to find these ghosts, while also hearing from guest speakers about supernatural topics. Ghost Hunters club meets on Tuesdays after school in room number 334.  

  1. Philosophy Club 

Philosophy Club is a club based around the discussion of human thought and philosophical ideals. Although this sounds complicated and abstract, the club is framed in a way that makes sense to participants and the conversations are easy to join. Some examples of topics covered in philosophy club are if people can be classified into personality types and the trolley problem. The meeting dates for philosophy club have yet to been announced, the club will meet in room 249.  

  1. World Language Club 

World Language Club is open to any student that is enrolled in a foreign language. This club focuses on teaching about the culture of different languages that are taught at Central. This club focuses more on learning about the culture of a region that speaks a particular language rather than teaching a foreign language. The details for meeting times and locations about world language club have yet to be released.  

  1. Book Club 

Book Club is a traditional book club that chooses a new piece of literature to read every month before meeting to discuss the novel. Every month a new novel is selected, and usually these novels are young adult fiction pieces that are popular reads. Examples of books that were included last year The Hate U Give and Little Fires All Around. One nice feature of this club is that attendance at the meetings is not required, so one only needs to go to the meetings they are able to attend. The details for meeting times and locations have yet to be announced for Book Club.  

  1. Future Business Leaders of America 

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a club that is open to anyone. This club focuses on reaching out to the Omaha community and teaching leadership to participants. The club does a public service event every year looking to give back to the public. Additionally, every year this club sends members to the annual conference about leaders in Nebraska. This club meets every Wednesday in room 444.  

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