Stigma surrounding becoming an educator

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Becoming a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs as it provides the satisfaction of guiding people into their future. Without teachers, the highest paying jobs like doctors and lawyers would have no one to show them how to execute such positions. With all the positives that come along with teaching and making an impact on students’ lives, certain fallbacks continue to deter people from the career.
Some that dream to study to be an educator are forced to stop due to the salary the average teacher receives. The typical public school teacher in Nebraska makes just under $50,000 each year compared to other jobs with the same to even less schooling making double. It is possible, but very difficult and strenuous to live off this amount when factors such as families and children come into play.
Others deal with the pressures of their families that want them to be successful. Many correlate successes in life with money, although success is based off happiness and the impact one makes on the world. There is no other job where you can build such a caring relationship with a person and be able to touch their life forever.
Because there is such a stigma built up around the salary of a teacher, many automatically assume that you do not need to be that skilled to be hired. I have even heard, “Why would you want to be a teacher, you’re so smart?” Implying that intelligence would be wasted should I become a teacher.
The skill that it takes to be able to successfully teach topics to students of all differing skill levels and accommodate to each of their needs takes much intelligence and loads of patience. Some of the smartest people choose to be teachers because helping others is more important than making millions of dollars off their brainpower.
Teachers are known for inspiring others. Most young children idolize their teachers as the smartest person in the world. Without even knowing it, many people are drawn to teaching due to the impacts that their teachers left on them. The chain reaction never stops, and the world is left with teachers that care about what they do every day and are in their position for all the right reasons.