Top 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Every year when January begins, it is the time to start fresh and get life back on track. Many use New Year’s resolutions to hold themselves accountable for what they want to accomplish. Not surprisingly, these goals that people set are pretty similar in the sense that they relate to self-help and self-work. Here is a list of the top ten most common New Year’s resolutions.
1. Lose weight
The new year is typically the time when gyms become crowded and people try to eat healthier. It is no surprise that the goal of shedding pounds is the most common resolution due to the fact that many strive to become healthier all year round.
2. Become organized
To have a productive life, one needs to be organized. There is no way to have a clear and focused mind when you are physically cluttered. Small steps such as making the bed every day or keeping papers organized in your backpack will show to improve stress levels.
3. Save money
Saving money is always a great goal to have since anything can happen in life and having a little extra cash would not be bad. Saving for things like college, a car, a house, etc. will very much benefit you when it comes time to make a big purchase.
4. Eat healthy
Along with losing weight, eating healthier is very common due to the push to become fit. The resolution of eating healthy will not only benefit your health and body, but also the environment.
5. Live more
An essential but sometimes overlooked goal for the new year is to live your life to the fullest. It does sound cheesy, however, not doing what you love or going out of your comfort zone will put you in a boring routine. It is important to try new things and experiences.
6. Quit smoking
Being able to live life without the need to smoke is a widely shared goal that is very difficult to achieve. Many work to break this habit for years, but once done, their lives are forever changed.
7. Learn something new
The human brain can never stop learning, but it can become weak. Exercising the brain by learning something new will sharpen its skills and allow it to function better.
8. Less stress
Avoiding stressful situations in the new year will bring more enjoyment and calm to life. Stress only bring negativity which can take a real toll on everyday life.
9. Spend time with family
Although this resolution seems simple and obvious, it is sometimes hard to do with busy schedules. Taking time to be around loved ones makes life much fuller and happier.
10. Volunteer
Volunteering is an amazing way to give back to your community and become more generous in the new year. Starting to volunteer more shows the impact one can make whether it’s big or small.