Review On Justin Bieber Youtube Series

February 18, 2020

Justin Bieber recently released a 4-part documentary called “Series on YouTube. It walks through Justin’s life, struggles, and accomplishments, and how it has changed him as a person. 

The series starts in Justin’s hometown. With his wife, he first travels to where he used to play in public, and then to his old apartment. Throughout these different place’s interviews from his manager, management, and his wife are shown. He starts developing the idea of his love for music, and why for a short amount of time he stopped doing what he loves. 

Justin describes his break as finding himself again. He struggled with addiction to hard drugs, anxiety, and depression. His break gave him the time to find himself and to remember why he loves to be on stage performing.  

The series consist of ten parts, and after part one you need YouTube premium for access to the others. Now if you already have YouTube premium it is worth watching, but if you don’t, I wouldn’t recommend spend the money for the short series.  

The overall editing of clips together flowed and told the story well. It switched from present time, interviews, and past clips. This aided in spreading his message of overcoming struggles and adversaries in his life in a way that is easy for the audience to understand. It also allowed the viewer to relate with Justin and his story.  

The interviews throughout the series added an emotional aspect, allowing the viewer to believe the story being told. Justin’s managers expressed their emotions and emotions they witnessed from Justin himself. it gave another insight that strengthened the story. I was able to connect with the story emotionally and give sympathy to Justin.  

People are drawn to him because he has a story to tell,” Hailey Bieber said, and she is very right. People love to hear interesting stories and he has an interesting one to tell. Its just something most Justin Bieber fans already know. Most fans are aware of Justin’s mental state and his use of drugs, this series just gave him a chance to explain his story and admit and deny things being said about him in the media. The only new information given is Justin’s struggle with Lyme disease, which he had been keeping from the public all together. The documentary itself was put together wonderfully and was worth watching. 

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