Does High School Prepare You For College?

Faith Stryker, Staff writer

As a student we constantly hear people yell throughout our classes “when are we ever going to actually use this?” and well, I guess that is the question we ask ourselves every day. Are the things we are learning at school really preparing us for college? And the answer to that would be, high schools do not prepare you for college. The only thing high schools prepare you for, is the process of getting you into college.
The reality is that colleges are way more advanced than any high school. Every student is learning at a different level so there is no way a school can truly prepare you for college classes. College professors have nothing stopping them from failing or passing you, it does not affect them if you pass or fail the class. Whereas high school teachers are more willing to help you pass, the classes are smaller, making it is easier for educators to help students out who need that extra help. Highschool teachers are more proactive in reminding you of assignments, when something is due etc. Colleges on the other hand do not coddle you in ways that high school does.
In general, it depends on the classes you take and the classes you plan to take in college. Most high schools do not offer certain classes that are necessary to have a basic understanding on whatever field you are planning on going into. Overall, you could do a better job at making sure you are prepared for college more than any school could. You cannot expect schools to know exactly what your plan is, the reality is that there are too many students and not enough educators that are willing to make sure that each student is as prepared as the possibly can be.