Is Technology Limiting Creativity?

Faith Stryker, Staff Writer

Technology is a major factor today, it seems that the way the world is going, you are not going to be able to do anything without technology. I believe that a lot of people’s inspiration comes from artists or influencers they see online, so to say that technology isn’t limiting creativity would be crazy and untrue. Everyone is affected by everything they see. Out of a 24-hour day ‘most being spent sleeping’, teenagers spend about nine or more hours just online. Technology is a huge part of the way people live, meaning that most of their life choices and creativity are decided unknowingly from what they have seen online.
Take this for example, how when you get a song stuck in your head and how it is impossible to shake it or think about anything else, well id imagine that the same thing applies when you are trying to be creative and are stuck with the ideas of others in your head. I know it happens to me, there is no doubt that technology limits creativity. Multiple studies have shown that we are impacted insanely by the things around us. Your subconscious is constantly picking up everything around you. You are making decisions every day without realizing it. Maybe you decide to listen to music, not realizing the song was playing as background music earlier that day.
You are constantly making decisions without knowing it. So, when you are scrolling through your twitter or Instagram feed, you may not notice certain ads popping up, but your subconscious realizes it and it stores it in your brain. Technology widely affects what we are registering, your ‘creativity’ could be based off something you saw online. Technology is a part of our everyday lives, we just have to make sure we are paying attention to what is seen, so your ideas are your own, and not something you saw previously but didn’t register.