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Comic Books are for Everyone

February 19, 2020

Sexism is still present in the 20th century and sadly it is not going away any time soon, but that does not mean we can’t draw attention to it. Sexism is especially prominent still amongst comic book fans, when scrolling through the twitter feeds of such comic book “fans,” it is easy to find angering, sexist posts that advance the notion that comic books are a boys-only affair 

One specific tweet I came across was made by Matthew Kadish talked about how the movie “Birds of Prey” will not be good because “They removed any sex appeal the characters had” meaning the movie will not be good because the actresses are not almost completely naked. Kadish then went on and wrote that “They literally don’t know who they’re making this movie for”.   

Although it is true that the majority of comic book readers are male, a very significant 40% are female. When comic books came out the female characters were made to be a sex appeal but in the recent years, especially in movies, women are now being shown as strong role models for young girls. Comic books are not just made for men and movies should not be shamed because the female character have brains and are more than a pretty face and body. It is 2020 and women are still being treated as sexual objects and it must stop.  

One gender cannot claim a type of book. The idea that comic books are not for women is keeping us in a box, no person should feel like they must stay in a box. A comic book should be loved and shared because of the story not because of the sexist characters 

I am not the only one who feels this way, as evidenced by the way many havreplied to his tweet, along with the repulsive collection of similar postsLara replied with, “I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing: that you think women have to be sexy in movies, that you believe males are the core audience of superhero movies (the split is almost 50/50), or that you don’t think any of these incredibly sexy actresses are sexy.” Chris Sylvis replied saying, “Lucky for us he doesn’t know what he is talking about.”  

Comic books and superhero movies are not made for one certain gender.  

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