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Life360 not as bad as it sounds

March 27, 2020

The GPS phone locator and tracker Life360 is very commonly found on teenagers’ phones. The goal of this app is for parents to keep their kids safe while they are driving, however, ever since the app started, there has been a debate whether or not the app is beneficial or if it is an invasion of privacy. Because life is too short for unsafe driving, Life360 could be a great tool for parents to use.
With that being said, Life360 has several more features than just tracking a phone. The app has crash detection technology, 24/7 roadside assistance, weekly distracted driving reports, real-time directions to other family members, help and battery alerts and crime reports. All of these aspects are very important when it comes to promoting safe driving habits.
Most teens despise the app, saying it takes away their freedom and the chance to be a kid. Although this argument is fair, many teens do not look at the situation from a parent’s point of view. The world today is much different from when our parents were growing up, meaning that there are many more risks that come with being a teen.
Driving at any age is a risk every day. No one knows when a crash could occur or when a car will slide off the road. Parents are only looking out for the lives and safety of their children.
Although Life360 is helpful in most aspects, there are parents that abuse the purpose of the app. This is where teens begin to feel stalked and have their privacy taken away. There is a balance between being a teenager and having Life360 and both sides must respect one another in order to keep a healthy relationship.
When parents do misuse Life360 it leads to their kids “hacking” the app to prevent it from sharing their location. Basically, if a parent wants to track their child, it is more beneficial to not use it as a method of control or it becomes pointless.
The slogan that Life360 promotes reads: “Life360 brings your family closer with smart features designed to protect and connect the people who matter most.” The sole intention of the controversial app is to give families a sense of security. Other stances on Life360 occur due to poor usage of the app.

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