Living with two moms not different

April 1, 2020

When I was born, I had a mom and a dad as most children do. They got married when I was three but divorced in 2010. In 2011, my mom reconnected with her best friend from high school named PJ who happens to be a woman. Shortly after, my mom, my siblings and I moved in with her. By July of that same year, their relationship became romantic 

In 2013, two of my cousins came to live with us since their mother wasn’t fit to raise them and my mom wanted to keep them within the family. There were a lot of people, my grandma included, that believed that my mom wasn’t fit to raise five children because she was dating a woman. But honestly, I think it’s one of the best things to ever happen. My mom and dad were not happy together. They loved each other, but they were becoming toxic. They’re both now in happy relationships and have maintained a great friendship with each other. My mom and PJ’s relationship is one of the best things to have happened to them and I’m so happy they found each other.  

My moms are truly my best friends. We even have matching tattoos to prove it. I know I can trust them with anything, and we have such an open and honest level of communication. They tell me almost everything and vice versa.  

So, when people ask what it’s like living with two moms, I tell them the truth. It’s like living with any other happy and loving family. We all have designated chores, we eat dinner together, we have family game or movie nights and we take vacations. Every couple of months, I take a weekend off of work to help out with my brothers so my moms can have a few days to themselves. They do everything they can for us, so they deserve a few days off.  

The one response I always get when people find out I have two moms is, “Wow, that’s awesome,” but it’s really not. This has been my family for nearly ten years now, this is normal to me.  

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