College not necessary

April 1, 2020

Is college necessary? As graduation approaches and everybody’s deciding on a school, that question begins to surfaceWhy do high schools make college seem like the only option there is after graduation? Central, for example, only ever encourages college and doesn’t really discuss other options. The Eagle Eye, given out to seniors every week, only shows scholarships for four-year colleges or community colleges. It’s engrained into people’s minds that you can only be successful if you go to college. However, college is way too expensive for some people to even consider attendingFour years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is roughly 74 thousand dollars before any grants or scholarships.  

Not every degree is worth the time and money they take, and sometimes trade school is the best route. Firstly, a degree doesn’t guarantee a job within that field. Music degrees, for example, are kind of pointless. You’d be more likely to end up teaching music than becoming a successful musician. Additionally, Liberal Arts degrees rarely offer jobs that utilize that degree and, in a society that revolves around science and math, they’re essentially useless. Secondly, gaining experience in life can sometimes matter more than the ability to learn about a certain field. Experience matters more to employers than the degree and trade schools can offer that experience that most people can’t get while they’re in college.  

Furthermore, jobs that require little to no schooling can make serious money. For instance, cosmetologists in Nebraska make anywhere from 29 to 49 thousand per year, straight out of school, with little to no debt. 

So, what constitutes a successful, respectable career path? The answer is nothing because all careers deserve respect, regardless of what type. All jobs contribute to the functioning of society. Garbage collectors and plumbers are as necessary as doctors and firefighters, so why look down on them?  

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