Put a Ring on It

The Register reviews the best onion rings in Omaha

April 1, 2020

After chicken tenders and milkshakes were put to the test, I decided to see what fast-food restaurant has the best onion rings. I went to Don & Millie’s, Bronco’s, Mama’s, and Runza to see who truly has superior onion rings.  

First I went to Don & Millie’s. I’ve only ever eaten there like five times and this was my first time trying their onion rings, which weren’t actually that great. They were kind of soggy and didn’t really have a flavor, unless I dipped them in ranch. The ratio of onion to breading was weird too. There was more bread than onion, which I thought was peculiar, and it certainly didn’t help with the sogginess of the onions.  

Next up was Bronco’s. I’ve heard that Bronco’s has good food and while their specialty is burgers, I was told that their onion rings are pretty good too. The onion rings didn’t really have a flavor but they were crispy and golden brown, as opposed to Don & Millie’s.  The ratio of onion to breading was also pretty even, there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of breading. 

The third place I visited was Mama’s Pizza. I was a little surprised to see that a pizza place sold onion rings but to each their own. These onion rings also had a nice, crispy texture but just like the last two places, there wasn’t any flavor. The onion rings were dipped into ranch, which is where all the flavor came from.

Runza was the last and final place. I’ve heard really great things about Runza’s onion rings, even though I’m not the biggest fan of anything else they have. I was pleasantly surprised with Runza, because the onion rings were essentially perfect. The ratio of onion to breading was really nice and they actually seemed to have some sort of seasoning on them. It wasn’t a lot, but it was still prominent enough to note. 

All in all, this experience was kind of disappointing. I know the typical fast-food places don’t serve onion rings, but almost anything would’ve been better than what I had consumed.  Out of the four places I visited, Runza is the quite clearly the restaurant with the best onion rings. 

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