Senior year is tanking

Grace Turner

Senior year is supposed to be the year of making as many memories with high school friends as possible before leaving for college. However, this year, it seems that seniors will not be having the opportunity to make those last-minute memories with their friends due to Covid-19. Due to the virus, public health officials are recommending social distancing and the schools are closed for an extended amount of time.  

This is ruining a large amount of the opportunity’s seniors are supposed to have during their last year of high school. Graduation, prom, senior recognition night, and many other opportunities are being put at risk due to the virus. All of these activities are looked forward to for years before they finally arrive during the senior year of high school. This year’s seniors are disappointed by the inability to attend the activities they have been looking forward to for years.  

Although every grade is being affected by the virus and the school shut down, the senior class is the only group that will not have the chance to return to high school next year. Nearly everyone at Central has friends that they want to be seeing more often than they can than they are currently with the virus. Seniors are dealing with the information that many of the people they see on during their daily life, they will not ever see again with Covid-19 currently rapidly spreading through the community.  

Overall, Omaha Public Schools is making the correct decisions in not canceling school for the foreseeable future. It is important that the virus does not spread more faster than the health care industry can keep up with. However, that does not mean that it does not make life more difficult for seniors and everyone else dealing with the side effects of this virus.