Colin Leslie

How PE class is adapting to virtual learning

September 6, 2020

Having to learn 100 percent remotely is a struggle for many. However, online PE class deals with a different set of struggles. A class that either consists of lifting weights, playing teams sports, or running laps on a track, is now all done through a screen. 

Teachers this year are making sure every student is participating and still learning while only engaging through an hour-long video call every other day. PE teacher Angela Thorn broke down the standards of what PE teachers are using to grade this year: the student demonstrates competency in motor skills/movement patterns, obtains knowledge to maintain a healthy level of fitness and activity, and recognizes the benefits of physical activity.  “We are working and adapting day by day to evaluate our students using all the standards, Thorn said. 

PE classes offered at Central consist of team sports, weight training, aerobics, and lifetime sports. All of these either involve using equipment or needing a team of people. Therefore, performing these classes online can be a struggle because neither can be provided. Weight training classes are specifically finding new ways to adapt to remote learning while still getting stronger.  

“Weight training classes are teaching more body weight activities. However, we are giving them ideas of how to adapt with things around the house, Thorn said. 

Many OPS students are still without technology or internet access. The grade given in PE is almost completely based off participation. Students who are taking a PE class without access to technology are having to get creative. “It has been a learning experience for all,” Thorn remarked 

Senior Kallie Baker explained what a typical online PE class consists of. After attendance is taken, PE teachers will play a walking video, which is a creative way to get students engaged in walking in place for two miles. Once that is finished, students are expected to complete bodyweight exercises (pushups, sit-ups, lunges). As everyone starts to adapt more to online class, a normal day in PE class might change.  

Typically, PE classes at Central range anywhere from 15 to 40 kids. Once school resumes, these classes will have to be adjusted in order to be safer for everyone and follow health guidelines. Thorn is unsure of what these changes will consist of, but says, “As of now, we hope that we have set them up to transition seamlessly into activity in the building.” 


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