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Lack of third quarter grades to GPA frustrates students

September 17, 2020

The OPS school board made the decision to exclude 2020 third quarter grades from students’ cumulative GPA’s and class rankingsStudents and parents were not made aware of this decision and those who were found out from their school counselors or fellow students. The decision was made in hopes that it would allow all students to have an equal opportunity to improve grades since some students got poor grades third quarter but better grades fourth quarter. OPS did not have a complete fourth quarter, so the school board did not want to put students at a disadvantage.  

Senior Jamie Reiff and Daisy Friedman do not agree with the decision. “I am fighting to get third quarter grades to count in class ranking and GPA because it affects how colleges will view me and whether or not I get accepted or denied,” Friedman said.  Reiff said, “Third quarter was important, and it makes getting into college harder because you don’t have all the information. When applying to college there is no place to explain that your GPA was affected.”   

 Reiff and Friedman conveyed their concerns to Doctor Logan. “Doctor Logan was not very helpful and seemed distracted during our conversation,” Reiff said. “I reached out to Dr. Logan, and a board member named Lou Anne Goding. Both of them have basically said that the district will write me a letter if I need one for colleges,” explained Friedman.  Dr. Logan and the school board have not provided the students who have reached out to them with much information and it seems that the decision will not be changed.  

Both Reiff and Friedman are frustrated. “All you can do is get through it,” Reiff said. Friedman added, “I think kids should choose whether the grades are counted or not.” 

Overall, Reiff says, “I wish the district was more transparent with what was happening. The lack of communication is a big issue here.”  

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