Girls basketball holds virtual workouts

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the girls basketball program has been forced to adapt under difficult circumstances. 

September 18, 2020

Coach Michael Kroupa works out with his athletes online.

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the girls basketball program has been forced to adapt under difficult circumstances. 

Due to the cancellation of fall sports, varsity coach Michael Kroupa has implemented an online method of engaging in the sport. Although it may seem purposeless to try to continue to practice for a season that might not happen Kroupa explains why these workouts are necessary. “Health wise for both your physical and mental it’s important to exercise and I think it’s always important for the team to be communicating. 

Kroupa still feels a responsibility to his players to continue to engage with them. This is why online interaction is important to him.  

“You guys are my team. My responsibility is always to be in touch with you gals,” he said. “How can I expect you all to give me one hundred percent if I don’t give it back? 

Online workouts are held via teams every day at 11:40. They are thirty minutes long and are a full body workout. Kroupa plays videos where a trainer instructs his team while he participates with his team. “It’s thirty minutes of jumping around and being active,” Kroupa said.  

Players also hold each other accountable. Kroupa split everyone participating in workouts into six groups run by varsity players. Each group leader is responsible for making sure everyone comes and participates in the workouts.  

You guys are not just a team you are a family,” he says. “We hold each other accountable and support one another. Especially in a time like this.” 

Kroupa addresses his hopes for the future in wanting a season for him and his team.  

I think everything we’re doing would benefit the young ladies no matter what. Season or not. Sticking together, having that team environment, and obviously staying physically active it’s so important when we’re all sitting down as much as we are.” 

Kroupa says he understands the concerns for safety and is cautious with his team. He wants to remain careful in the future in order to avoid jeopardizing anyone’s health, but he hopes we can do that and still be able to play this season. “I’m planning that we are going to have a season,” Kroupa said. “I’m planning that we are also going to be successfuland my girls are going to have fun” 

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