Activities to do in fall during a pandemic

September 18, 2020

This time of year, there are normally many opportunities to have fun and enjoyable times with friends, family or alone. However, with everything going on right now, it might seem harder to think of things to do while still being safe. Here is a list of fun inside and outside activities that will make this fall seem a little bit more normal.  

  • Movie marathon. Put on some classic scary or Halloween movies, get some yummy food, and cozy blankets alone, or with family. 
  • Baking. With the weather getting colder and pumpkins in season, many delicious treats can be made in the kitchen. This can be done alone, or with family.  
  • Reading. Curling up in a warm blanket with a good book can be a great and relaxing way to spend your day.  
  • Playing board games. An evening with family to play games and enjoy each other’s company. 
  • Have a bonfire. With fall weather, having a night outside with family to sit by a fire and road marshmallows can be a lot of fun.  
  • Watching football. When fall comes, so does football season. Sit at home and enjoy watching games with your family.  
  • Enjoy the nice weather. Go for a walk and see the pretty leaves everywhere. Maybe even jump in a leaf pile, because you never outgrow that.  
  • Go on a hayrack ride. Bellevue Barry Farm and Valas are popular places to go on rides. This can be a great way to create fun memories with family if you feel comfortable being around others during all of this. Just remember to bring your mask.  
  • Drive around to look at Halloween decorations. This is a good way to get in the holiday spirit and keep distanced from people.  
  • Visit a pumpkin patch. Valas and Skinny Bones are just a few pumpkin patches to visit in Omaha, if you feel comfortable attending public places. Don’t forget to wear your mask! 

There are many more ways to enjoy your fall days or nights. It is important to have fun with family, alone, or friends. Just remember, always stay safe and wear a mask if you decide to go out.  Fall lasts until December 21, so try to squeeze as many of these into your schedule before winter comes.  


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