Teens should follow politics

September 21, 2020

If you were asked what political party you identify with, would you have an answer? There are so many
teens today that don’t take the time to care about current politics, or even know how the political
system truly works. High school is the perfect opportunity to introduce politics and current events.
As a teen who is invested and informed about politics, I believe the new generation is going to have a
big influence. So many current movements are going to change our society. They will heavily affect the
new generation’s future. Therefore, it’s important teens voice their ideas and opinions so they have a
say in the decisions being made about their future.
There are arguments that it is pointless for teens to learn about politics during high school, because they
can’t vote. A student who is more educated about politics and the importance of voting is more likely to
vote when they’re older. Most students who don’t care about politics feel this way because they don’t
fully understand what is going on. By understanding the political system, students can also understand
political campaign issues, so they know what they’re voting for. By teaching teenagers and letting them
form opinions on politics now, we are setting them up to become better citizens in the future.
When someone is a teenager, they are changing and learning about themselves and the life they want
to lead. This means it is the perfect time to teach the political system and let teens form opinions and
find their personality. Teachers should be asking students about topics they care for and their respective
opinions. Such topics include racial/gender equality, mental health, gun control, environmental safety,
legal ages, and abortion. They need to encourage students to research interests and figure out what
they can do to share their opinions and make a difference.
Every citizen has a civic duty to vote for political leaders, and by teaching high school students while
they are still teens, we are setting them up to make better decisions. There are things teens could be
doing, even if they can’t vote. This could include joining a campaign, starting or joining a political club,
becoming a class officer, or attending local meetings. These are just a few ways teens can get real life experience and further their knowledge for the future.

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