Carter Smith

Wear a mask

September 25, 2020

With Covid-19 cases still rising, I would think that people would want to do anything and everything to protect themselves from the virus. I guess I was wrong. The World Health Organization and the Center of Disease Control and Prevention have both released statements advising people to wear masks when they are in public. The WHO and CDC released these statements because they had the facts to prove that wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of the coronavirus yet some people are still refusing to wear a mask.  

Wearing mask for a long period of time can be annoying, but so can wearing pants and people still wear those. The more people wear masks, the less Covid-19 spreads and the faster life can get back to normal. It takes more energy to fight with someone when asked to put a mask on then the act of putting one on itself, so just wear a mask.  

This is not the first pandemic. During 1918 and the Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 flu pandemic, people used masks to slow the spread. If people in 1918 can put up with wearing a mask, then people in 2020 can also.  

Wearing a mask can save a lot of lives and slow the spread of Covid-19. I don’t think I will ever understand why people who have access to the facts will still put up a fight when asked to wear a mask. Wearing a mask shows that you care about the people in your city, state, and country. Not wearing a mask is not only unsafe to the people choosing not to wear one, but also unsafe to the people around them. This is a global pandemic, and everyone needs to do their part if they want to beat this virus.  

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