5 safe activities for this fall

Sophia Sgourakis, Section Editor

During a pandemic, it is normal to feel like there is nothing to do other than sit inside your house all day. As the leaves start to fall and change colors, you might feel like you need to be at a pumpkin patch, haunted house, or a college football game. However, I am here to share 5 activities that can still be done this fall, while staying safe and responsible.
1. Carve pumpkins: This is nothing crazy, but also a classic. You can easily stop outside a grocery store or even a small pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin. It can be fairly contactless, as long as people aren’t touching every single pumpkin they come across. Once you have done that brave task, you can carve it within the comfort of your own home.
2. Go on a nature hike: Hiking was a favorite among many this summer and now that the weather is cooling down, it is a perfect time to hit those trails again. It is always beautiful to see nature transition into the next season. Trails will be covered will fallen leaves of different colors and will give you different scenery than just looking outside your window.
3. Do more “making” at home: This year, I have a feeling people will be making a lot more of their own costumes, candies, and treats. With a lot more time on everyone’s hands and maybe even some extra craft supplies laying around the house, be creative and design a Halloween costume for yourself. It is still undecided if trick-or-treating will be deemed “safe” this year, so try to make some fudge, peanut brittle, caramel apples, and other fall treats at home.
4. Cozy up your house: If you are going to be quarantined in your house, you might as well try to enjoy that environment. Purchase or DIY some Halloween decorations and order some fall inspired scented candles. Make a chunky, cozy blanket with some thick yarn. Get comfortable in the space that is yours.
5. Look into the fall sky: This October, there will be two full moons in one month, which is known as a blue moon. There will also be three meteor showers throughout the months of October and November. NASA astronauts are heading to the International Space Station on Oct. 14 and four more astronauts will launch to the ISS again on Oct. 23. You don’t want to miss all the space history happening this month!