Top 5 trails to hike in Omaha

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

  1. Big Papio Trail 

First on the list is Big Papio Trail which spans across a large portion of Omaha. Extending from Hefflinger Park in Northwest Omaha all the way to Seymour Smith Park in Ralston, this trail is 9.88 miles long. It is perfect for bike riding due to its flat, concrete surface and city view. This trail passes through city life as well as quieter sections of Omaha, so it is perfect for someone looking to go for a long walk right in the middle of the City.   

2. Zorinsky Lake Trail 

Zorinsky Lake Trail is a large trail that is split up into multiple shorter trails, but the full loop around the lake itself is 7.8 miles long, ranging from tree covered woodland areas to the edge of 168th Street. The trail and lake offer many different activities from paddle boarding to fishing to running.  

3. Flanagan Lake Trail 

The Flanagan Lake Trail surrounds a new man-made lake located at 168th and Fort. The trail is 5.2 miles long and although is near a busy part of the city, is pretty secluded and quiet. This trail and lake are similar to Zorinsky due to its range of activities and peopleThe trail loops around the entire lake for easy access and no backtracking.  

4. Neale Woods Nature Center Trails 

The trails at Neale Woods Nature Center span 3.2 miles with a 551 feet elevation gain. These trails are great for hiking with steep inclines and gorgeous views of the Missouri River, downtown Omaha, and Nebraska/Iowa plains. The trails also have varying difficulties and scenery, with some being completely wooded and others open to the prairie 

5. Omaha Riverfront Trail 

At 14.8 miles long, the Omaha Riverfront Trail is the longest on the list. The trail’s endpoints are near the Omaha airport at 13th and East Locust Street and County Road 34 in Fort Calhoun. Omaha Riverfront Trail passes by many stopping points along the way like the Pedestrian Bridge, Mormon Bridge, N.P. Dodge Park, Neale Woods, and Boyer Chute National Refuge. There is an amazing view of the Missouri River for much of the trail. The trail is fairly flat, with more inclines heading North.  

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