Discovering new music during quarantine: First Aid Kit

October 16, 2020

During 2020, escaping the harsh reality of life is something that everyone has had to deal with this year.
An effective way to pretend you are somewhere else, even for a few moments, is by listening and
exploring different genres and musical artists. In addition to Franciose Hardy, First Aid Kit is a band
whose music is both touching and well crafted.
The band is headlined by two sisters from Sweden, and they formed officially in 2007. Despite what you
might think, their music is primarily folk or even bluegrass and in English. The sister drew inspiration
from famous musicians such as Conor Oberst, Emmylou Harris and Billie Holiday.
After signing with several record labels, the duo met with Bright Eyes lead singer, Conor Oberst, in 2009.
Subsequently, First Aid Kit had their next album produced by Mike Mogis. Mogis is an Omaha native and
even has a daughter, Stella Mogis, who attends Central.
In 2012, their first hit record titled “The Lion’s Roar,” was released. The record holds one of their most
critically acclaimed tracks, “Emmylou.” This song was even featured in Rolling Stone the same year for
the “Single of the Year.’ The success of this album is what put them on the map for their folk music.
In the following years, First Aid Kit released two more records, “Stay Gold” and “Ruins;” both produced
by Columbia Records.
Their music has a unique sound that is often hard to find. Many of their tracks include powerful vocals
throughout the song but specifically during the bridge. A prime, and my favorite example of this, is in
the title track, “Stay Gold”. The song changed pace and has one of the most memorable bridges I have
ever heard.
Although all of First Aid Kit’s albums have something to offer, “Stay Gold” is perhaps their magnum
opus. The blend of the sounds throughout the entire album is something that stands out amongst their
other work. Each song is filled with emotion and the lyrics are stunning. It is something you can listen to
without getting tired of for years on end.
Since 2018, the band has been almost completely out of the music scene after one of the sisters got
pregnant with her first child. This year First Aid Kit has released several new tracks and are active on
social media. A new album is possible for the near future.
First Aid Kit is the perfect band for someone who enjoys artists such as Fleet Foxes or Gillian Welch.
Even if their description does not initially stand out to you, I recommend that everyone listen to at least
one song. This band is a perfect way to distract from 2020.

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