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My Personal COVID Experience

October 16, 2020

The day after my 17th birthday I tested positive for COVID-19. In my household of 5, 4 of us tested positive. First was my stepdad. He isolated for ten days and we all quarantined in our home since were were in contact with him.

Once he was free from quarantine we all went four days, going to work, seeing family, and going out in public. Then my mom, one of my little sisters, and I all tested positive. I was bedridden sick for 3 days. I experienced heavy fatigue, tight chest pains, and cold chills.

As a person who is normally in perfect health condition it was weird for me to be so sick. Even though I was sick for only three days, I stayed isolated in my tiny room for ten days and then my entire family quarantined from the public for two weeks. It’s been almost four weeks since I had symptoms and I still am experiencing significant fatigue. The virus all together was just very depleting on my body.

For me I still would have picked covid over other viruses like the flu. It makes sense though why someone with underlining conditions or of older age would suffer severely. My family was very lucky and I’m grateful we went through it and didn’t give it to anyone else.

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