Fall offers endless activities

October 18, 2020

Usually this time of year is when I do all things fall. Haunted houses, pumpkin patches, and Halloween parties have always been my favorite. But Covid-19 has made all of these activities way too risky. Everything is either closed or just way to crowded to be safe. What is there left to do? I still want to embrace my favorite season as much as I always have, so I’ve compiled a list of the best socially distanced fall activities.


Fall crafts

Ever since quarantine started, I’ve been super into trying out new crafts. One of my favorites has been embroidery. This is perfect for any time of year because of how versatile it is. Some simple things you can learn to embroider for fall scenes are leaves, candy corn, and pumpkins.


Another autumnal craft to try is pressing flowers and leaves. I do this by sandwiching them in between books. If I just want to preserve the flowers and not flatten them, then I hang them upside down to dry. I love this craft because it always turns out having beautiful muted fall colors, and it preserves the season for the rest of the year.


Pumpkin carving

Making jack-o’-lanterns is the quintessential autumn activity. It combines my two favorite things, art and Halloween. The best part of pumpkin carving in my family always is roasting and eating the pumpkin seeds. There’s plenty of recipes online, and you can’t go wrong with pumpkin seeds.


Watching horror movies

Horror movies are the best part of fall, and not even Corona can ruin them. First on my list of recommendations is of course “Halloween”, which I watch every year. For zombie movies I suggest “28 Days Later”, and if you want a classic then go watch “Rosemary’s Baby”. But if horror movies frighten you too much, then consider watching some spooky movies like “Halloween Town” and “Coraline”.


Apple picking

This activity is great because it can let you get out of the house while still remaining socially distanced. Nebraska City is the place to go if you want to do this, and the scenic car ride there is an added plus. I was a bit wary about going to an orchard at first because of Covid, but Arbor Day Farm wasn’t very busy and everything was spaced out. The key is just making sure you go on a day when it won’t be crowded. The trees there were beautiful, and I probably picked enough apples to last over a week.

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