Being a twin has its ups and downs

October 18, 2020

Being a twin has its ups and downs. Personally, I can only talk about my experiences with a twin brother. Having a twin brother is much different than having an identical twin or a fraternal twin of the same gender, but I want to break down what it is really like.  

Let’s start with the positive points. Growing up I was never alone. My brother and I were always together. This was a good thing because I could never be bored, there was always someone else there to keep me entertained. My brother and I have started at new schools six times in our lives but five out of the six times we were together. I was never starting at a new school knowing no one. I always knew at least one person: my brother. We also rarely had to share things because we were into different shows and toys. This was helpful because it limited the amount of times we fought. No matter how many times we fight I always know that I can count on my brother. Being able to say that I have a twin is also a pro because everyone has the same surprised reaction. Having a twin brother is great for the most part.  

Now let’s talk about the negative points of having a twin brother. As mentioned before, I was never alone. This is also a negative because there is only so much of one person I can take. Not to mention, we have encountered two things that we find extremely annoying: when people compare us to each other and when people assume we are lying because we are not identical. My brother and I are two separate people with two different personalities and different strengths and weaknesses. Being compared to each other is annoying because the fact that we are twins does not mean we are the same. We also do not need people pointing out what makes us different. My brother and I have also had multiple encounters with people accusing us of lying about being twins because we are not identical or because “twins cannot be different genders.” I feel as though I do not need to explain why this is annoying. The final negative aspect of being a twin is the fact that birthdays and graduation will never be just my moment. It will always be “the twins’ birthday” or “the twins’ graduation.” I feel as though people who are not twins do not understand how frustrating it can be to have to share all the important milestones of your life with someone else.  

Although having a twin brother can be frustrating, I love him and could not imagine my life without him. I don’t know what it is like having a twin sister, but I know that if I had a choice, I would choose to have a twin brother every time.  

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