New housing unit for homeless veterans opened in downtown Omaha

October 18, 2020

In Sept. 2020, a new housing unit for homeless veterans was opened in downtown Omaha. The ribbon
cutting ceremony was held on Sept. 18, and nearly 200 people attended, all with masks. Homelessness
has been a crisis among veterans for years, and this new complex is a major way to give back to the
The new housing is called Victory II and was formerly a building belonging to Grace University. It was
funded and headed by the Burlington company. The Victory apartments, built in 2013, are right next to
the new addition. The apartments cost 8.2 million to build, and the project has been happening for over
a year.
Not only does the complex provide housing for homeless vets, but it also offers rehabilitation and help
for acquiring jobs. While most shelters offer some of the same options, the specific struggles related to
veterans finding work will be the focus at the Victory II apartments.
Lisa Roskens, the Chief Executive Officer at Burlington, spoke during the ribbon cutting ceremony about
the amenities offered.
“Nationwide more than 40,000 veterans are homeless. At Burlington Capital, we want to make sure
veterans receive the housing and services they deserve. Our apartments are ‘permanent, supportive
housing,’ which means that the veterans are part of a community, and that they receive needed services
for health and wellness in addition to job-readiness training skills,” said Roskens. (“Veterans Come Home
to Victory II Apartments” | Burlington).
Getting veterans back on their feet is the goal of this organization. Many veterans struggle with alcohol
abuse or drug addiction because of PTSD or other mental illnesses. The opening of this apartment
complex is a win for those in need. Rather than living on the street or under a bridge, as described by
one of the new residents in an interview with KETV, vets will have a safe environment for improving
their lives.

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