Emily in Paris brings glimpse of travel in 2020

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

With the non-stop growing number of T.V. shows and movies to choose from on Netflix, it may become difficult to decide what to watch and find what you will actually enjoy. There are thousands of Netflix original series that can fit into countless categories like horror, comedy, education, romance, and many more. Emily in Paris, a Netflix original series that debuted in Oct. 2020, has quickly become popular amongst “rom-com” lovers. Its cheesy storyline and predictable plot, like any other romantic comedy, is brought to life with unique fashion and great actors.
Emily in Paris is based around a young woman from Chicago moving to Paris for work and basically starting a new life. Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, meets new friends, starts a new job, and tries all the famous French cuisine that Americans dream of. She ditches her hometown and boyfriend in order to pursue her dreams and make it big in her industry as the “American point of view” in a French marketing firm. With the help of her Instagram page that blows up overnight, Emily flips the marketing firm upside down.
Emily soon realizes how different the two cultures are as the series makes light of Emily struggling to pronounce French words, not using proper greeting signs, and not following traditional French customs. This idea creates many punchlines for the series and is relatable to the American and French audience.
I thoroughly enjoyed how in every scene of the show, Emily and the other characters wear extravagant outfits and accessories. It adds to the fact that the show takes place in Paris and showcases just how unique the city’s fashion is. Although the actual plot is similar to other comedy-dramas, it is still an enjoyable show to watch, nonetheless. It gives a glimpse into daily life in Paris while current travel is restricted, which is a good escape from normal life.
Overall, I would recommend watching Emily in Paris because you will feel like you are walking down the streets of Paris with Emily as she runs into countless trials and tribulations. If you are wanting to travel to Paris or anywhere in France, Emily in Paris will take you there virtually since it is 2020 after all.