Netflix shows to binge watch this winter break

Sophia Sgourakis, Section Editor

As we are nearing a three-week winter break along with high numbers of coronavirus cases, I think it is safe to say most of us will be staying home. Here are five of my favorite Netflix shows that are binge worthy in order to make time go a little bit faster during these lonesome weeks.
At number one is American Horror Story. There are nine seasons to pick from within this series and all the episodes are under an hour long. Season 9 has just come out and it is all about 5 counselors taking on a summer camp with a gruesome history. Something about a scary show and cold weather seems very comforting.
Next up is Emily in Paris. Most people have probably binged this show already, like me, but it is still worth being included. Emily brings her American attitude and ideas with her to her new office in Paris where the two cultures clash. She juggles her career, relationships, and love life. The episodes are only twenty minutes long with one season, so this show can easily be binged.
Grand Army is ranked at number 3 on my list. The show is about 5 teenagers taking on a chaotic world of sexual, racial and economic issues while trying to seize the future. A lot of reviews have said this show tugs at the emotions quite a bit so be prepared for unexpected feelings. With only one season and engaging episodes, this show can be conquered quickly.
Because of the holiday spirit in Dash and Lily, I have it ranked at number four. Over the holiday season in New York, Dash and Lily push each other towards new adventures and ultimately towards one another through a clue filled notebook. It is a cheesy, teen romance series that will keep you intrigued. Similar to Emily in Paris, it contains 9, 20-minute-long episodes.
Lastly, at number 5 is Schitt’s Creek. A formerly rich family is suddenly broke and reduced to living in a motel in a town they once bought as a joke: Schitt’s Creek. Although there are 6 seasons, the episodes are very short, and it will be easy to continue watching for hours at a time. You are destined for some good laughs throughout this series.