A freshman’s first experience at Central

Jaden Cheloha, Staff Writer

My sister graduated from Central just last spring. She attended the school from 9th to 12th gradeso I had a nice four years of preparing myself for what high school at Central would be likeI had only been inside the school a couple times before I arrived for my first day in person, so it’s safe to say I was pretty nervous for my first time being in the building for a full day of school. 

I remember that day vividly enough. I knew where the main entrance was, so getting into the building was not an issue. My first issue arose mere seconds after stepping foot into Central: I did not know what students did if they arrived at school before 7:40In middle school, I would go sit in the gym and talk to my friends. 

Deciding it was somehow my best option, I headed straight for my first class twenty minutes before it would start. It was a bit awkward, as I would be the only person besides the teacher in the room for about the next 15 minutes. Luckily for me, by my second day I realized I could sit in the courtyard during the mornings before class started. 

When I first got to middle school as an incoming 5th grader, I thought I would have a hard time finding my way around the place. Well, 5th grade came, and I actually managed pretty well. Central has been a pretty similar experience so far. 

I had to wait an entire quarter of my freshman year until I could attend classes in person. Fortunately, when I finally got to go from class to class during passing period, my fears of getting lost slowly died down. I quickly realized the school is pretty easy to navigate, so I made my way around the main part of the building with ease. Also, since I had only one class in a different section of the school, I didn’t need to worry too much about learning a lot of different parts of the building early on. 

Overall, I’ve had a very positive first time at Central. Classes were easy to get to, passing period is long enough for me to get to class on time, and I’ve really enjoyed being inside the building. I still have a lot to learn, but at least I still have three and a half more years to do so.