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Fun and Safe Winter Break Activities

December 11, 2020

This year winter break is extended, which means students will have more free time on their hands. This year is also unlike any other because of Covid- 19, so everyone must adjust plans to keep themselves and others safe. This break people should continue to wear a mask and social distance themselves but that does not mean people cannot enjoy the break. Below is a list of fun and safe activities people can try if they get bored over winter break.

  • Bake cookies or bake in general. This holiday season, a safe and fun activity can be to bake, decorate, and eat festive cookies. People can include their families in this activity or do it alone, either way it will end with baked goods.
  • Have a movie marathon. Whether they are holiday movies or not, sitting down to watch some movies is a wonderful way to kill some time. If people have Disney Plus, they can also try GroupWatch to connect with friends.
  • Play board games. This can be done with family, or people can host a board game competition over video with friends. It is a way to be connected with friends and have fun.
  • Drive or walk around to look at the Christmas lights. People can do this with friends or family. It is a way to get fresh air and enjoy this holiday season.
  • Read a book. Reading may not seem like the most fun, but it is a fantastic way to escape from home without actually leaving.
  • Learn how to cook or learn more recipes. Cooking is a life skill, and it can be fun.
  • Catch up on sleep.

Although this year is different, it does not mean that winter break cannot be fun. Everyone just has to remember to be safe, and that means wearing a mask, washing hands, and socially distancing.

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