Lucky Tiger restaurant review

December 11, 2020

The Lucky Tiger Izakaya recently opened its doors in the Blackstone district. It’s a place where friends and family can come together and enjoy sushi and other complementary food 

The overall physical qualities of the restaurant created an opening and inviting atmosphere that was extremely appealing. There was beautiful artwork that appeared to be spray-painted all over the walls behind the open kitchen. The restaurant looked as if it would be small, but the open-aired concept made it seem bigger. Along with the artwork and space, there was popular music playing that added to the young and hip atmosphere the restaurant seemed like it was trying to create, and they were successful.  

Due to covid, there was a socially distant seating layout that made it seem like everyone was very spaced apart while also being able to enjoy the restaurant in the public setting. They are taking the pandemic seriously while also ensuring you are able to have a good time and enjoy dining out.  

The restaurant was also not even close to being overly packed, but some of that is most likely due to how new the place is. Another important thing to point out is the fact that there is a bar along with the dining room seating, but that didn’t make it seem any less family friendly. The young and inviting atmosphere is somewhere I would take friends or my parents and have an enjoyable time.  

The overall service was quick, helpful, and efficient. My waitress was very helpful in assisting me on choosing what to order and the best way to order it to fit my preferences. Personally, I do not enjoy spicy food and they had no problem adjusting by putting sauces on the side and switching out small things.  

I ordered the most popular sushi roll and their bowls, as per my waitress. The sushi roll was a Crab Rangoon roll and was extremely creamy with lots and lots of filling that would be found in a normal Crab Rangoon. The flavor was amazing, and the presentation was flawless. Of their bowls, I ordered Don Chignon with their spicy sauce on the side. My favorite part of this dish was the corn salsa and how well it complimented the marinated beef. There was also super soft rice on the bottom, all together able to feed 2-3 people.  

I would recommend trying Lucky Tiger with a group of friends or family and enjoying the amazing flavors and great service they have to offer.  

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