Quarantine support from my dog

December 11, 2020

As the COVID 19 pandemic carries on through the end of the year, I find my friends turning to various hobbies, activities, and sports for temporary emotional sustenance. In my situation, I have received support from my black lab, Ivy.  

Ivy is a 4-year-old black lab and spaniel mix, but mostly resembles a Labrador retriever. She is a medium sized dog with an athletic physique, yet still maintains a healthy layer of fat on her belly and especially her neck.  

One of Ivy’s best qualities is her personality. She is overall a loving and pleasant creature that will scuttle up to any homeless person and wiggle in-between their legs, begging to be pet. She greets everyone with a smile of pure joy and an energetic run towards them, which could make anyone feel special. 

As I participate in online remote learning, Ivy stays with me all throughout the school day. She will lay at my feet during class, plop her head on my leg while I eat, and wake me up when the day begins. On days where I go to school in person, she is there for me when I get home and greets me with her patent warm welcome.  

Having Ivy around for school is a wonderful part of my day because she brings me joy with her sweetness and loyalty. I am also pleased with the fact that she favors me over my little sister. 

One of the most important parts of the day for Ivy is when she gets exercise. Around lunch period, Ivy starts to get antsy and begins to whine or breathe heavily as if she is about to do something exciting, and that is when I know it is time to throw the ball.  

I grab a poop bag, put ivy in her harness with her leash, and get a ball and ball thrower to take with me. We walk a short way down the hill we live on to a small park where we spend 15 to 30 minutes. I throw the ball for her repeatedly for her to retrieve until she tires and we can leave.  

Exercising ivy at the park is a wonderful way for me to relax, listen to music, and enjoy some time away from the things that bring me stress. It is also great for Ivy because she enjoys chasing after the ball, it is healthy, and if I do not let her exercise, she would pester me all day and not let me sleep.  

Having my dog Ivy around has been beneficial for me during the COVID 19 pandemic.  

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