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College Football Season Comes to a Close

December 15, 2020

With just a few weeks to go until bowl season things are heating up in the college
football world.
Many of the same faces that have been talked about all year are seen as still having a shot
at the playoffs, but a few faces are emerging as potential teams to maybe sneak in at that four
spot. Namely Iowa State jumping all the way to seven and Cincinnati at eight.
The decision on who makes the playoffs will be decided by the SEC and ACC conference
championship games most likely. Both are already set; in the ACC Clemson will take on Notre
Dame in Charlotte, and in the SEC Florida will have their hands full with Mac Jones and
Teams like Cincinnati, Iowa State and Texas A&M will most likely need help to make it
in, but Florida is right now in control of their own destiny, backed by Heisman Trophy front
runner Kyle Trask.
Many college football fans who want to have at least a shot at the College Football
Playoffs will be eyeing the ACC championship as well. If Notre Dame can knock off Clemson
for a second time, it is hard to believe that a two loss team can make it to the playoffs in a year
where most teams have only one or no losses.
Something to keep in mind is that not every team holds the goal of playing for a national
championship, and one of those teams would be Coastal Carolina who leaped all the way to
thirteen after an astounding win over BYU at home. The win over BYU combined with a
potential loss by Cincinnati could be enough for the College Football Playoff Committee to push
Coastal Carolina into a New Year’s Six Bowl Game.
Four of the power five conferences still have a playoff chance, but the odd man out is the
PAC-12. They were sitting pretty until Oregon lost to their rival, Oregon State, on Black Friday.
Although Oregon is knocked from playoff contention USC is surging in the rankings, but
it will not be enough due to the weak schedule they have played at this point. The PAC-12 will
continue their streak of nearly making the playoff but just missing out.
The recent rule change in the BIG 10 regarding the amount of games needed for a bowl
game changed allowing Ohio State to participate in a bowl game against Northwestern. If Ohio
State had not have played in the game they would most likely be out of playoff contention
despite being an undefeated team and beating a top ten team.
The season was quick and is coming to a close even faster. Being thankful for having
football back is enough for most football fans. The bowl season starts on the 22nd and culminates
with the national championship game on January 11th

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