NFL Season Nearly Over

December 15, 2020

The NFL season is nearly over and it will stand out as one of if not the most unique
season to ever take place. Even though the season was very odd, there were some things that was
more of the same.
The first of which being the Chiefs being the most dominant team in the NFL. Patrick
Mahomes will most likely getting his second MVP trophy and possibly a second Lombardi
Trophy for Kansas City.
The Steelers came out as one of the top teams in the league, because of their elite defense
and amazing receiving core in Chase Claypool and Juju Smith Schuster. They probably at worst
end the season with two losses, and although their schedule was very easy winning as many
games as they did is always impressive.
The NFC is a fairly open race. Any team in the playoff picture could come out of the
NFC and it would not be that surprising. That being said the favorites in the NFC are the Saints,
Rams and Packers.
The Packers are one of the more interesting teams to look at. They have an elite offense
without having many weapons, and their defense is very wishy washy. They could either win the
Super Bowl or lose in the first round and it would not be surprising.
The potential kryptonite to a team like the Packers would be the Buccaneers and Saints.
They have the unique combination of a top tier defense and endless weapons on the offensive
The Saints have been staying afloat without Drew Brees for a few weeks, but if they want
to win it all they need Brees back on the field. Taysom Hill has been incredible for the Saints
while Drew Brees has been out, and maybe he can get some play in the playoffs.
The AFC does have some teams that could possibly beat the Chiefs even though the they
are on their own tier. The Bills are the most interesting of those teams. They have had one of the
best breakout duos in all of football, in Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.
Another team that the Chiefs should be worrying about is the Titans. The Titans have
been lead all season by one of the to running backs in the league, Derrick Henry.
Derrick Henry has been extremely good this season, and has been one of the MVP front
The playoffs are just around the corner, and these next few weeks will decide what the
playoff picture looks like. As of now no one has the pieces to beat Patrick Mahomes and the

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