Finding the city’s best coffee

With a wide variety of coffee shops to choose from, I wanted to see which one has the best overall quality. Here’s what I found…

January 11, 2021

Coffee shops were popularized in the United States in the mid-17th century, and still remain a large component of American society. This is obvious in the numerous coffee shops located all over Omaha. With a wide variety of coffee shops to choose from, I wanted to see which one has the best overall quality. Here’s what I found…


Zen Coffee Company


The first location I tried was Zen Coffee Company, which is located near downtown Omaha a couple blocks away from Central. Zen Coffee Company has a broad assortment of drinks on their menu, along with small desserts like cookies and scones. The prices are rather high and can range from $2.50 – $7.00, but most end up being on the higher end.


My favorite item I tried off the menu was the hot latte, with vanilla and almond milk. If you like sweeter coffee, you’ll really enjoy this drink. You can’t go wrong with getting a traditional coffee off Zen’s men; they all have a flavorful taste as well as an appealing look.


Another drink I purchased was a strawberry smoothie. I would not recommend getting these. It cost $7.00 and tasted like a basic smoothie. It’s not like it was bad, it was just ordinary and there wasn’t anything special about it. You could make this same drink for cheaper at home.


Overall, between the drinks I tried and the atmosphere, Zen Coffee Company wasn’t as good as the next two I tried. I had high hopes for this one and was disappointed with my experience.


Archetype Coffee


I enjoyed everything about Archetype from the ambiance and location to the drinks themselves. Archetype is located in the Blackstone district so there’s plenty of other things do in the surrounding area. The menu has a lot to offer. Along with drinks, they have a bakery, and the prices are extremely affordable.


The first drink I ordered was a regular americano. I didn’t think I was going to like this drink but I really enjoyed the taste. It was only $4.00 for a medium, and it was definitely worth the price. I also ordered an espresso which was very reasonably priced too. Both drinks were delicious, and I enjoyed them more than Zen’s drinks.


The workers were extremely friendly and the coffee shop is quiet enough to relax or to get work done. This would be a perfect place to study with friends. Archetype gets the stamp of approval.


Dundee Double Shot


The last location in my journey was Dundee Double Shot. The atmosphere was so homey and welcoming. The workers were also extremely kind and patient. Dundee Double Shot definitely has the best atmosphere and the prices are reasonably priced too.


Dundee Double Shot’s menu had a broad assortment of drinks and other food items to enjoy. I ordered an italiano and was very impressed with how delicious it was. It was probably one of my favorite things I ordered at all the locations and it was only $3.80.


I also ordered a hot chocolate, which I was hesitant about because I don’t like really sweet drinks, but it was so delicious. It’s the perfect drink for this time of year. I will be returning to this coffee shop because of all the tasty drinks and the atmosphere.  The location is also a huge plus of this coffee shop, because there’s so much to do in the area.


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